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As a new insurance claim adjuster there are at least three things that you will find important.


1. Getting your first deployment - I have met many people with insurance adjuster licenses that have never worked as an insurance adjuster. Why is this the case? Insurance adjusting is a highly competitive field especially when you have no experience. Getting your foot in the door can feel like an impossible task. Without your first deployment the time and money you have invested in your career could be wasted!


2. Becoming more efficient at your job to make more money per claim and per day - There are many adjusters working and struggling to complete 1 and 2 claims a day. Imagine if you could double the amount of claims you could close in one day. How much extra money could you make? There are many tips that will help you greatly reduce time and mistakes that will allow you to close more claims daily.


3. Getting More deployments consistently - Learning how to get great customer reviews is one of the many ways to get deployed more frequently. By building relationships with decision makers and a couple of other key things will eventually put you in a position where you will be able to pick and choose what deployments you will accept.


It is very possible to become an efficient adjuster with a lot of deployment opportunities starting out in this field with zero experience. This e-book will give you a great advantage over other new adjusters and some experienced adjusters as well. Make the most of your investment in your career as an insurance adjuster and get this today!

'How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster' click this link - your copy!
 Invest in your career as an adjuster. This book is a valuable tool to help you get deployed, advance your career, become more efficient, and to make more money.
TOP REASONS to get your E-book Today!
1. Find out how to get deployed with NO EXPERIENCE!
2. You will be able to market yourself and get ahead of other adjusters for work!
3. Find out who to apply with to get work.
4. Information about multiple jobs in insurance adjusting that you may not know about.
5. What to expect on your first deployment.
6. How to get great customer service scores from Policy-holders and Managers.
7. How to get good reviews and qualify for future deployments.
8. How to save money and find out what licenses to get and what certifications matter.
9. How to become more efficient as an adjuster to close claims faster.
 This a small purchase that will translate into not only money saved on uneccesary trainings and licenses but also money earned when you are able to close more claims in a shorter period of time.
Have an advantage over your competition and get the e-book ' How to Get Started, Get Work, and Make Money as an Insurance Adjuster' today for only $19.95.
Be Serious and Intentional about your success!

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